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Wednesday 6 July 2022

EDEN pre-conference course ‘Trials and alternative designs’ (physical attendance only)
14.00-15.00Dr. Marlies de GraafBioDay Registry
15.00-15.30Dr. Tessa Niemeyer-van der KolkInnovative phase I/IIa trials in dermatology
Coffee Break
16.00-17.00Prof. Dr. Lex. BurdorfAlternatives to the randomized controlled trial
17.00-17.30Dr. Renske SchappinWhat is a pragmatic clinical trial?

Thursday 7 July 2022

9.00-10.30EDEN Forum Session 1Atopic Dermatitis
9.00-9.30Dr.Katrina AbuabaraEpidemiological studies of Atopic Dermatitis
9.30-10.00Dr. Junko TakeshitaRacial-ethnic disparities in Atopic Dermatitis
10.00-10.15Oral 1
10.15-10.30Oral 2
Coffee Break
11.00-12.30EDEN Forum Session 2Data analyses
11.00-11.30Prof. Dr. Hester LingsmaClinical Prediction Models
11.30-12.00Dr. Yunlei LeiIntegrating multi-level omics data
12.00-12.15Oral 3
12.15-12.22Pitch 1
12.22-12.29Pitch 2
13.00-15.00EDEN Forum Session 3Epidemiological study designs
13.30-14:00Dr. Roxanne GalCohort multiple randomized controlled trial design
14:00-14:30Prof.dr. Soren BrunakDisease trajectories
14.30-14.45Oral 4
14.45-15.52Pitch 3
14.52-14.59Pitch 4
Coffee Break
15.30-17.00EDEN Forum Session 4Systematic reviews and meta-analyses
15.30-16.00Dr. Emilie SbidianWhy do a network meta-analysis and key methodological points
16.00-16.30Dr. Bram Rochwergassessing certainty of evidence of NMA and incorporating NMA into guidelines
16.30-16.45Oral 5
16.45-16.52Pitch 5
16.52-16.59Pitch 6

Friday 8 July 2022

9.00-10.30EDEN Forum Session 5Skin Cancer
9.00-9.30Dr. Adewole AdamsonHealth care disparities in skin cancer
9.30-10.00Prof.dr. David WhitemanThe Qskin study
10.00-10.15Oral 6
10.15-10.22Pitch 7
10.22-10.29Pitch 8
Coffee Break
11.00-13.00EDEN Forum Session 6Routinely collected health care data
11.00-11.30Prof.dr. Ron HeringsThe pro's and con's of pharmacoepidemiological research
11.30-12.00To be determinedTo be determined
12.00-12.15Oral 7
12.15-12.30Oral 8
12.30-12.45Oral 9
12.45-13.00Oral 10
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