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Wednesday 6 July 2022

Location: Education Room 3 (Education Center Erasmus MC)

EDEN pre-conference course ‘Trials and alternative designs’ (physical attendance only)
14:00-17:30Chairs: Dr. Chen Hu, Drs. Celeste Eggermont
14.00-15.00Dr. Marlies de GraafBioDay Registry
15.00-15.30Dr. Tessa NiemeyerInnovative phase I/IIa trials in dermatology
Coffee Break
16.00-17.00Prof. Dr. Lex BurdorfAlternatives to the randomized controlled trial
17.00-17.30Dr. Renske SchappinWhat is a pragmatic clinical trial?

Thursday 7 July 2022

Location: Queridozaal (Education Center Erasmus MC)

8:00-8:30Registration and welcome with coffee/tea
8.30-9.00Opening CeremonyVincent Karremans (Vice Mayor of Rotterdam)
9.00-10.30Session 1: Atopic Dermatitis
Chairs: Prof.dr. Carsten Flohr / Prof.dr. Tamar Nijsten
9.00-9.30Dr. Katrina AbuabaraEpidemiological studies of Atopic Dermatitis
9.30-10.00Dr. Roxanne GalTrials within Cohorts (TwiCs) design
10.00-10.15Marjolein BrandsExposure, Work-related Factors, Absenteeism and Presenteeism in Subjects With Hand Eczema: Data from the Dutch General Population
10.15-10.30Prof.dr. Robert DellavalleReal world prescribing patterns of dupilumab for atopic dermatitis
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 Session 2: Data-analyses
Chairs: Dr. Loes Hollestein/ Dr. Michael Ming
11.00-11.30Prof. Dr. Hester LingsmaClinical Prediction Models
11.30-12.00Dr. Yunlei LiIntegrating multi-level omics data
12.00-12.15Barbara Rentroia-PachecoDevelopment of a clinico-pathological model to estimate the absolute metastatic risk in patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
12.15-12.22Tobias SangersArtificial Intelligence (AI) based skin cancer prediction using 2D facial images: a proof-of-concept study
12.22-12.29Dr. Eunyoung ChoPhotosensitizing antihypertensive medication and risk of skin cancer among postmenopausal women
13.30-15.00Session 3: Epidemiological study designs
Chairs: Dr. Junko Takeshita / Prof.dr. Alexander Nast
13.30-14:00Dr. Junko TakeshitaRacial-ethnic disparities in Atopic Dermatitis
14:00-14:15Celeste EggermontDevelopment and Validation of an Algorithm to Identify Patients with Advanced Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma from Pathology Reports
14.15-14.30Zachary HopkinsOutcome comparison methodology in dermatologic clinical trials: Tradition impeding progress
14.30-14.37Sam CookA national cancer registry cohort study of sebaceous carcinoma incidence, associated malignancies and Lynch syndrome/Muir-Torre screening in England 2008-2018
14.37-14.44Dr. Aaron SecrestBenefits and value of the routine collection and clinical use of patient-reported outcomes in dermatology
14.44-14.53Anna AnderssonEpidemiology of pediatric atopic dermatitis in a cohort of children in Greenland
15.00-15.30Coffee Break
15.30-16.45Session 4: Systematic reviews and meta-analyses
Chairs: Dr. Aaron Drucker / Dr. Emilie Sbidian
15.30-16.00Dr. Emilie SbidianWhy do a network meta-analysis and key methodological points
16.00-16.30Dr. Bram RochwergAssessing certainty of evidence of NMA and incorporating NMA into guidelines
16.30-16.45Robin GuelimiOverlapping network meta-analyses on psoriasis systemic treatments, an overview: quantity does not make quality
18:00Dinner at Louise petit restaurant, location: veerhaven 12-13b (15-20 minute walk from Erasmus MC)

Friday 8 July 2022

Location: Queridozaal (Education Center Erasmus MC)

9.00-10.30Session 5: Skin Cancer
Chairs: Dr. Marlies Wakkee / Dr. Eunyoung Cho
9.00-9.30Dr. Adewole AdamsonThe Melanoma Epidemic
9.30-10.00Prof.dr. David WhitemanThe Qskin study
10.00-10.15Yuan NiRisk of developing a second primary melanoma following diagnosis of a first primary melanoma: A population-based Australian cohort
10.15-10.30Anna Smak GregoorArtificial Intelligence in Mobile Health for skin cancer diaGnostics at Home (AIM HIGH): A pilot feasibility study
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-13.00Session 6: Routinely collected health care data
Chairs: Prof.dr. Tamar Nijsten/ dr. Ignacio Garcia Doval
11.00-11.30Prof.dr. Ron HeringsThe pro's and con's of pharmacoepidemiological research
11.30-11.45Dr. Michael MingFactors associated with adherence to skin self-examination recommendations for melanoma patients
11.45-12.00Dr. Florence PoizeauThe concomitant use of proton pump inhibitors and BRAF inhibitors in metastatic melanoma
12.00-12.15Dr. Léa HoisnardRisk of major adverse cardiovascular and venous thromboembolism events in patients with rheumatoid arthritis exposed to JAK inhibitors versus adalimumab: a nationwide cohort study
12.15-12.22Dr. Clio DessiniotiA retrospective study of the association of melanoma diameter with Breslow thickness.
12.22-12.29Dr. Lucy NavsariaBody locations of keratinocyte carcinomas in the US Medicare population: a cohort study
12.30-13.00Prof.dr. Arfan IkramPrinciples of confounder selection
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