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Thursday 28 October 2021

9.00-10.30EDEN pre-conference course ‘Trials and alternative designs’
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-12.00EDEN pre-conference course ‘Trials and alternative designs’
9.00-10.30Steering group meeting
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-12.00Steering group meeting
13.00-14.30EDEN Forum Session 1
13.30-14:00dr. Roxanne GalCohort multiple randomized controlled trial designConfirmed, date/time to be determined
14:00-14:30Prof.dr.Andrew Stubbe or dr. Yunlei LiIntegrating multi-level omics dataConfirmed, date/time to be determined
14.30-14.45Oral 1
14.45-15.00Oral 2
14.30-15.00Coffee Break
15.00-16.30EDEN Forum Session 2
15.00-15.30dr. Jo Leonardi-BeeNetwork Meta-analysesConfirmed, date/time to be determined
15.30-15.45Oral 3
15.45-16.00Oral 4
16.00-16.07Pitch 1
16.07-16.14Pitch 2
16.14-16.21Pitch 3

Friday 29 October 2021

9.00-10.30EDEN Forum Session 3
9.00-9.30Prof.dr. Ron HeringsPharmacoepidemiologyConfirmed
9.30-10.00Prof.dr. Saskia le CessieInstrumental VariablesNot confirmed yet for 2021
10.00-10.15Oral 5
10.15-10.30Oral 6
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-12.30EDEN Forum Session 4
11.00-11.30Prof.dr. Arfan IkramPrinciples of confounder selectionConfirmed
11.30-12.00Prof.dr.Søren BrunakDisease trajectoriesConfirmed, date/time to be determined
12.00-12.15Oral 7
12.15-12.30Oral 8
13.30-15.00EDEN Forum Session 5
13.30-14.00Dr. Hester LingsmaPrediction modelsConfirmed, date/time to be determined
14.00-14.15Oral 9
14.15-14.30Oral 10
14.30-14.37Pitch 3
14.37-14.44Pitch 4
14.44-14.51Pitch 5
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